[Infographic] A Day in the Life of an Event Planner

Quickmobile posted an infographic today that gives viewers a quick glimpse into the #eventprofs world including a few bizarre client requests (we’ve all gotten those right!?). Take a look!


What is the most bizarre client request that you’ve ever received?

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10 Things I wish I Knew When I Started – Les Selby

I came across this article on Meetings + Incentive Travel and thought it was very timely and appropriate to share. As someone who is still relatively new to the events industry (especially compared to my colleagues at Cantrav who have been around for 10-22+ years), and always tries to share useful info for people just starting out or interested in becoming an event planner, this article by Les Selby CMP CMM gives some useful insight that would benefit us all.

Click here for the full article.

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When Your Event Gets Evacuated

Do you know what to do when an emergency happens during one of your events? Earlier this week, we were in the midst of an event when the dreaded sound no event planner ever wants to hear starting ringing – the fire alarm. Immediately after, a voice over the PA system announced that everyone in the building should evacuate immediately. My first thought was “Crap!” and my second thought was “Ok, time to get everyone out safely”.

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Inspiration Friday: Autumn Chandeliers

Just a quick post today but I came across this picture on Preston Bailey and just had to share it. Exquisite in detail and breath-taking in color, these Autumn Chandeliers are perfect inspiration for any wedding or event. Enjoy!


Photo from Preston Bailey.

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Unconventional Events mean Unconventional Site Inspections

bike site

I think the goal of every event planner is to create events that leave a lasting positive¬†impression on guests. Oftentimes, this means taking an event that has been done many times and adding a fresh (or unconventional) twist to it. When you do that, it’s super important to make sure that all of your event staff are comfortable with the event by walking them through a thorough site inspection.

Site inspections are crucial for every event because it allows the planner to physically see the venue or space, walk through event and anticipate any unexpected costs, layout design changes, equipment restrictions and more. However, when you add an unconventional element to any event, that means that your site inspection can be unconventional as well.

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