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Hong Kong

This trip marks the 2nd time in 1 year I’ve visited the insane city of HK. My dad has been here for over a month, so we flew down to spend a couple of weeks with him and his siblings. Since this trip also marks the very first time Rosalyn or Nathan has ever visited HK AND my mom’s first trip back in over 20 years, there was a lot of excitement to be had! I absolutely love HK – I’ve visited 3 times already and have already slipped into the ‘guide’ role.

The focus on this trip is to get the application started for our HK citizenship cards, visit family and friends and eat lots of yummy food.

I’ll post a more detailed post later with pictures..

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A few things…

  1. I’ll be home May 4th! Leaving the beautiful island of Bali on the 30th and visiting Hong Kong for a few days. Will be nice to see my family and eat yummy (!) Chinese food. Including the best*** xio long bao I have ever had in my life. I’m sad to leave the life that I built here but I excited to be home and see my family, friends and Halo.
  2. I’m looking for a job so if you know of any openings, please let me know!
  3. I finally joined twitter. You can follow me @itspchan
  4. My beloved Canucks are awesome! Go Canucks Go!!!
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