Unconventional Events mean Unconventional Site Inspections

bike site

I think the goal of every event planner is to create events that leave a lasting positive impression on guests. Oftentimes, this means taking an event that has been done many times and adding a fresh (or unconventional) twist to it. When you do that, it’s super important to make sure that all of your event staff are comfortable with the event by walking them through a thorough site inspection.

Site inspections are crucial for every event because it allows the planner to physically see the venue or space, walk through event and anticipate any unexpected costs, layout design changes, equipment restrictions and more. However, when you add an unconventional element to any event, that means that your site inspection can be unconventional as well.

Recently, I was part of a site inspection that was conducted almost solely on bicycles! With biking a large component of the upcoming event, it was really important for the event staff to familiarize themselves with the route, the space and figure out solutions to simple problems (like how to safely get a large group of people to cross the street).

This kind of ‘unconventional-ness’ is one of the things that I love about this industry. The ability to create something different, see something different and do something different makes me excited to come to work everyday.

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