Why You Should Party in Silence

We’ve all experienced limiting noise curfews that threaten to cut the fun-ness factor out of any event early. However, who says you can’t party in silence?

Silent disco is where people dance to music that is listened to via a wireless headphone. Those without headphones hear absolutely no music which gives the effect of an entire room of people dancing to silence. More often that not, 2 or more DJs will compete for listeners as they play different genres of dance music to pump up the crowd.

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You Know You’re an Event Planner When…

I saw this infographic posted on our bulletin board at work and wanted to share it. Originally from the awesome Event Manager Blog, the original post can be found here.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Hope you enjoy it!

Event Planner Infographic


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Mythbusters: The Life of an Event Planner is Glamourous


In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been really reminded of the misconceptions that many people have about event planners. So, I decided to go Mythbusters on you and give you the skinny on one of the most prevalent myths of our industry…

Myth: The life of an event planner must be so glamourous!

Status: Busted!

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DIY with The Wedding Workshop and the How To’s of a Chinese Tea Ceremony

Wedding Workshop

Happy April everyone! It’s a touch scary how fast this year has flown by but I’m not complaining because before long, summer will be here and with it brings many of my favorite things… Sunshine, beach days, patio days, lazy walks and bike rides around Vancouver, my birthday (!) and weddings, weddings, weddings!

Since weddings are on my mind most days if not everyday (bf, don’t worry), I thought I would share two recent articles I wrote for Down the Aisle…

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Cake Pops and Spring Weddings

Happy Hump Day everyone! I wanted to share two articles I recently posted on Modern Mix Vancouver and Down the Aisle.

A Pop of Flavor with Sucette’s Cake Pops

cake pop

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