So long, farewell

Friday was Rosalyn’s last full day in Bali so we tried to get some things crossed off her to-do list (come home tanned and visit the Rock Bar during a sunset). So, we hung out at the beach all afternoon to work on our tans. Too bad playing at the beach all afternoon meant that Rosalyn would get sun stroke in the process – it definitely put a damper on the rest of the day.

For the sunset, we headed to the Rock Bar at Ayana Hotel in Jimbaran (about 20 mins away and a $7 cab ride). This place is literally set up on a huge rock by the cliff-side. I had heard a lot of hype about this place – how it was so unique and beautiful – and I must say that the Rock Bar and Ayana Hotel lived up to its reputation and more! The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous! Infinity pools everywhere, water fountains, and an amazing view to watch the sunset! Everything was made of the highest quality and felt first class all the way. Unfortunately, the Rock Bar was full so we weren’t actually able to catch the trolley down and have a drink. Despite that, the trip was still well worth it. I’ll definitely come back before I have to go home!

We finished off Friday with soto sapi at a warung in an alleyway. Soto is very similiar to pho but sans noodles. This particular soto was filled with beef bits, tendons, cartilage and other unidentifiable meat parts. Delicious. Dinner was $0.80!! I freaking love Indo prices!!

On Saturday, we ended off Rosalyn’s Balinese adventure with a 2 hour massage at our favorite spa and the spiciest chicken (ever!) at Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk. Until the next episode Ros…

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3 thoughts on “So long, farewell

  1. Rosalyn says:

    hahaha!! send me these pictures. i'm pretty upset that i am home working ten hour shifts instead of eating dirty soto and going to paddy's. maybe i should fly back…

  2. Rosalyn says:

    oh – you also forgot to give details of this exact "damper" my sun stroke put on the rest of the day (night and next morning).

  3. Priscilla says:

    yes fly back asap as we might head to jakarta this weekend…. also, rollan got a pretty sweet photo of us at ayana! we look so TANNED!

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