A picture is worth a thousand words…

We often get munchies around 10pm so one night we headed to Ristorante Italia for dessert and Mix for drinks. This is the courtyard of Ristorante Italia. Throw a live band into the mix and it was very pleasant indeed.
@ Mix in Seminyak – They should chill all beer like this.
Checking out one Cengga beach – near Rollan’s place. Not a place that you’d want to sunbathe at. Unless lying amongst garbage is your thing…
We decided to have dinner one night at A&W. I ordered the chicken strips and got these pitiful things. Chubby chicken it was not.
Dessert at the food market across from Kuta Beach. Basically ice mixed with melon, coconut and grass jelly. Not bad but the market itself is horrible. As soon as you step off the street, people are screaming at you, waving menus, shouting – pretty much anything they can do to get your business. Stressful!
Getting gas – it’s just under 5000rp/liter for premium gas (about $0.55). I think we’re getting ripped off back home…
We met up with Rollan’s friend Esther in Denpasar and she took us for sate plecing babi. Pretty good but I’ve had better sate.
Soto bakso (@ same place as above) – check out how clear it is. No MSG here.
This is considered light traffic.
Walking down Jl. Bakung Sari (the main street near my place)
Leg of lamb – house specialty @ Queen’s Tandoor
A little gobi to accompany our leg of lamb. Add cheese naan bread + basmati rice = a delicious Indian dinner!
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