So, your sister was in a sex tape?

This past week was pretty relaxed. Our activities includes: watching A-team (great, corny movie), eating at Sushi Tei (great space, amazing(!) green tea ice-cream), consuming a few $0.70 meals at Nikmat, eating at Warung Italia (not bad), and checking out the 1 year club anniversary of RedSquare/88’s (wack, lots of people but no one dancing/drinking).

We also headed to Denpasar one day to explore. We ate amazing fried chicken at Ayam Goreng Kalasan and checked out Pura Jagatnatha and Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali. It’s always nice to balance good eating with culture learning.

On Friday night, we met up for dinner with some of Rollan’s jujitsu friends at Sayakana for some sashimi and fish burritos (really good). I felt positively tiny next to these 2 guys – both were easily over 250lbs and about 5”10 – 6”3. One of them sat next to me and I furtively compared my head to his bulging bicep – same size! Afterward, we went to Black Dog – a bar owned by a pro Indo surfer just off of Legian. This place was happening – so fun. Cheap drinks, great band, great DJ, great vibe. It sort of reminded me of a hipster Royal. We were ordering drinks at the bar when I realized that we were ordering from Tippi Jabrik (said owner of bar) who is randomly featured in my Lonely Planet guidebook! Tippi’s sister, Luna, who is one of Indo’s most famous actresses/models is currently involved in the biggest sex scandal to hit Indo in recent years. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to ask him what he thought of that whole situation. I also have a really embarrassing moment with Tippi – if you ask me really nicely I’ll tell you.

Super cool entrance @ Sushi Tei
Gotta love those $0.70 dinners!
Pizza @ Warung Italia
88 – so lame. Plus it cost us 100 000rp for cover/drink!
Look @ her extensions.. sexy
So good! @ Warung Ayam Goreng Kalasan
Pura Jagatnatha
Monkey scratching his penis = art @ Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali
The band rocking it out at Black Dog
Tippi Jabrik – picture from my guidebook
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