Simply the best..

Last weekend was one of opposites – Friday was fun-filled while Saturday and Sundaywas nap-filled.

On Friday, we decided to go out (dumb mistake considering our plans for Sat/Sun). Our first stop was The Cave – a bar on Jl. Petitenget that literally looks like a cave. I’m not sure if we were early (it was around 11pm) or if it was the lack of signage indicating that this place existed but the venue was dead empty! The only other people in the place besides us were the bartenders! After a bintang, we headed to Black Dog (Tippi’s place). Although we had lots of fun the last time we were there, we weren’t really feeling it this time around. It could be because everyone was glued to the World Cup game but there was a definitely a different vibe in the place. We got out of there pretty quick and headed to Jl. Dyana Pura – basically gay street! There’s a collection of bars/clubs that are all right next to each other. Each venue is pretty small in size but large in craziness! We hit up Facebar, Bali Joe and Mixwell and each place was absolutely bumping – jam packed with people (mostly men), great music, half time shows and drag queens to keep the party-goers entertained. There was even a drag queen that was busting out to Simply the Best – she was pretty great! These are great places to go if you’re looking to have fun and dance to great music – I had a great time! Of course we couldn’t end the night off there so we headed to Paddy’s and SkyGarden (where else?). All in all, a great night!

A few hours later, we got up and headed out the door to Munduk – a village in the mountains that was a 3.5 hour drive away. Definitely wasn’t fun after having such a late night – in fact, there were times during the ride that I almost fell asleep – very dangerous if you’re on the back of a bike holding on! Munduk is famous for their waterfalls, coffee plantations and hiking trails through their lush scenery. However, we didn’t see any of that! Our entire trip consisted of being rained in and napping – I’m not sure what it was but we were both extraordinarly exhausted all day Sat and Sun. In fact, our days went like this: wake up for breakfast, nap, wake up for lunch, nap, wake up for dinner and go to bed. Oh well, that just means I need to schedule a trip back to really experience all that Munduk has to offer!

Pictures to come (current internet connection is super slow)..

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