Craving home

It’s been 3 months since I left home and I can genuinely say that I am sick and bored of all the food in Bali. Because I don’t have a kitchen (or fridge), every single one of my meals are eaten out. You quickly figure out what places are good and what places you’ll never go back. The problem is that you continually frequent these places until you’re bored! Then, the challenge is to try and found another place to eat at.

Coming from a foodie mecca, the culinary scene in Bali is depressing. I don’t care what anybody says, Vancouver has the best food in the world – at the best prices – hands down. Despite the abundance of ‘5 star chefs’ at various restaurants around Bali, I’d still choose Van’s scene any day. Plus, I’m 90% positive that the food in Van hasn’t been cleaned/cooked in ditch water…
I’ve developed an intense craving for lots of food dishes back home. This is just a small selection…

And yeah, I’m well aware that the Tuna Poke doesn’t exist anymore but a gal can still crave for it right?
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