My Top Event Brand

Photo Credit: Joerg Mitter

A few weeks back, Bizbash posted their Top 10 Event Brands list that profiled 10 companies who are leaders in experiential marketing campaigns. I was thrilled to see that Red Bull made the top 3 as they have long been my top event brand. Everything they do from the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship to the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series to the recent Red Bull Thre3Style is exciting, innovative, fun and successful. Two my of favorite Red Bull events ever have to be Red Bull Stratos (seriously, making a freefall jump from 120,000 ft is insane!) and Red Bull Flugtag (one of the 1st Red Bull events I’ve ever experienced). I can only imagine the level of planning and coordination needed to put one of these events on and would love to have the opportunity one day to work for this brand on their event team.

What are your favorite event brands??


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