Why You Should Party in Silence

We’ve all experienced limiting noise curfews that threaten to cut the fun-ness factor out of any event early. However, who says you can’t party in silence?

Silent disco is where people dance to music that is listened to via a wireless headphone. Those without headphones hear absolutely no music which gives the effect of an entire room of people dancing to silence. More often that not, 2 or more DJs will compete for listeners as they play different genres of dance music to pump up the crowd.

This theme is awesome because it allows everyone to literally dance to their own rhythm.  If one person likes electronic music but another is a 90’s baby, they can simply switch to the DJ of their choice and dance the night away. I came across this quote and think Pitchblackgold summed up silent disco perfectly – “You can maintain your individual tastes and still be with the collective. No one needs to be left out of the fun…” Silent discos are exceptionally neighbour friendly since there is no noise and is relatively inexpensive to execute with the rise of many companies providing all the technology necessary. I also love silent disco because it is different and we all know that clients love and always ask for something different.

Vancouver has seen a few silent disco nights come and go so keep an eye on the nightclub scene if you want to experience one. Alternatively, check out the Squamish Music Festival this summer as they’re hosting a silent disco night. Click here for more info.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Pitchblackgold

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