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Backstage at Keith Urban

Through a contact of a contact, I was put in touch with Janice, an event planner with the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena. She (very kindly) agreed to let me shadow her for the Keith Urban concert in late September.

It was a really fun day for me. I got to wear a reflector vest, steel toed boots and a walkie-talkie all day. I met the guy behind Fin, and stood in the same room as Henrik Sedin, Russell Crowe and Keith Urban. I watched parts of the concert from different vantage points such as the Canucks press box, the spotter’s bench and backstage. And I got all the popcorn I could eat.

Besides fun, the day was also really enlightening. I was with Janice every time she had to troubleshoot a problem. I was present for the security briefing and the post-event briefing. I learned about all the ins and outs of a concert production including load-in and set-up, ticketing, security, staffing, logistics, meet and greets and load-outs. I learned that concert production is a VERY long day (I was there from 7am-12:45am while Janice stayed until 3am). I learned that you have to work well with everyone, even if you don’t personally like someone. I learned that multi-tasking is a MUST and a well-charged phone makes everyone’s life easy. While glamorous and exciting, putting on a large production like a concert takes a lot of prep work, a lot of creative solutions and little sleep.

I had a fantastic day and want to thank Janice for giving me such a great opportunity. This day really reinforced my desire to work in the events industry and I would LOVE to put on large-scale productions such as concerts one day.

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I like em Peas

Yesterday I decided to take a day off from studying and attend a couple shows at the Vancouver Fashion Week at Empire Landmark Hotel. My only experience with fashion shows was through my friend Sandra’s show so this was new territory for me. Rosalyn and I managed to catch 2 very different shows and our conclusion? We’ll never be the editor of Vogue. Some of the pieces coming down the runaway were not exactly what we’d call stylish or groundbreaking or even nice looking! One especially horrendous piece had us almost in giggles while the couple behind us were going gaga over it. Go figure and yes, I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder but still…. However, Ros and I will give big, BIG bonus points for creativity.

After a quick dins at Hons (not the brightest idea – I was fighting an MSG induced headache for the rest of the night), we rushed over to GM place to catch the Black Eyed Peas in concert! Lemme tell you, I’ve been to my fair share of concerts and I must say that BEP ranks right up there in terms of level of enjoyment and length of standing vs. sitting. LMFAO got the crowd riled up enough before passing the buck to Ludacris and his tootsie roll. By the time BEP came on, the crowd was ready to get the party started! They delivered all my personal favs plus more! Highlights included My Humps, Imma be, I’ve got a feeling, Calibra (Mexico!), Sweet Child of Mine (guitar hero anyone?), Glamorous and Boom Boom Pow – electic mix, I know! Needless to say, we had an amazing time last night! Take a look at a few pics I snapped…

If you look closely at the last pic, you’ll notice Will.I.Am in the background. Oh, and he and I are BBM friends… NBD

Ok so technically the last 2 photos weren’t taken last night but I bet I had you fooled for a minute or 2…
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