Selamat datang!

I’m brushing up on my Indonesian to prepare for my trip. Some key phrases to know…

  • Selamat datang – welcome
  • Berapa harganya – how much does it cost
  • Tidak – no
  • Terima Kasih – thank you
  • Saya kehilangan saudara perempuan saya – I lost my sister

Out of all these phrases, I believe that I’ll be using the last one the most as Rosalyn (my sister if you didn’t get that) will be joining me on the first 3 weeks of my Bali adventure.

The plan? Tan, shop, dive, surf, shop, eat and eat. Oh, and work. Of course.

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One thought on “Selamat datang!

  1. Rosalyn says:

    Let's hope you won't have to use that phrase too much, and if you ever do, you won't find me with typhoid, dengue, or malaria… but you might. I haven't been vaccinated and apparently won't be…I have another one for you:Saya diare perjalanan – I have traveler's diarrhea.

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