To do….

Hope you had a great Easter weekend! I know mine was filled with turkey, ham, meatloaf, and crappy movies… I forgot I actually saw 1 good movie this wkd…How to train your dragon –> watch it!

With approx. 3 weeks to go until I leave, I realize that there are still A LOT of things I need to get done.

My to do list:

  • Take my GMAT test (on the 24th)
  • Apply for my 2 month Indo visa (tried on Thurs with no luck! Hopefully I can do it tom)
  • Take the necessary travel pills/shots (typhoid, tetanus, dukoral, dengue etc)
  • Test out my new portable hard drive (don’t want any surprises on the road)
  • Apply for an international driver license
  • Buy/borrow a laptop cable lock
  • Set up a bank account with TD (one that doesn’t gouge me everytime I withdraw $$$ internationally)

I really need to stop procrasinating. Anybody want to do some of this for me?


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