Living in Paradise…

**I wrote this yesterday but was unable to post it until today…

Selamat datang indeed! Last night was quite the introduction to Bali. We met up with Rollan and Allen at the airport and headed to Hotel Ramayana in Kuta. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of our rooms since they’re relatively cheap compared to North American standards but was pleasantly surprised – our hotel is gorgeous!! Beautiful landscaping, sculptures, flowers, infinity pools, fountains, laterns etc. After a quick change, we headed to club row on Legian to do some club hopping. We must have hit 8 or 9 places but I lost track after M Bar Go, Sky Garden, Paddy’s, Engine Room, Déjà vu, Double Six… having a drink at each place will do that to you I guess. I can’t believe the prices here. You can easily live like a king for pennies! For example, the 4 of us spent around 650 000rp ($~65CAD) last night. To hit up the same number of clubs and have the same number of drinks in Vancouver would have cost us a fortune! Food here is also really cheap. Last night we ordered rice and chili chicken out of the back of a guy’s bike for $1.50 (for all 4 of us). Today, I had a huge rice, chicken, tofu, vegetable, beef lunch for $2.35. Don’t worry though -there’s no danger of gaining excessive weight as you sweat out litres and litres every day (yuck)

Today we took it pretty easy. We wanted to go to Ubud for babi guling (roasted suckling pig) but we got lost on the way. So instead, we drove around Denpasar, Kuta and Legian to do some sightseeing with the comforts of AC (very important). Afterwards, we ditched the car and walked from our hotel to Discovery Mall. There, I discovered the delights of Roti Boy (a sweet bun filled with butter). For dinner, we splurged and headed to Ku De Ta, a gorgeous(!) open air restaurant. Twice a year, huge parties are held here and I could definitely see why. A huge lounge, beautiful artwork, huge patio, DJ set up, and a private beach all make for a wicked party. However, dinner doesn’t come cheap here. The 4 of us spent just under 2 000 000rp for dinner and drinks… when you consider that an average laborer’s monthly salary here is 1 200 000rp, we definitely treated ourselves!

Sorry for the pictureless post – internet has been a little hard to come by here but I’ll upload pictures soon!

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