Monkey See, Monkey Do

What an amazing day today was! We headed over to Ubud to eat some babi guling (finally!) – and yes, all the hype is well deserved. The meat was so tender and juicy – definitely leaves you wanting more!

Afterwards, we walked down to Monkey Forest which is literally a forest full of monkeys. These little rascals are not shy – in fact, they’ll jump on you and paw through your stuff. If you put your hands in your pockets, they think you’ve got something yummy in there and they will go searching for it. Ros was wearing her sunglasses on her head and monkey after monkey jumped on her head trying to get them off! One even started grooming her 😀

Next we headed to a village that sounds like Lalalalalong to check out their famed rice paddies. They were absolutely gorgeous! The most vivid greens you’ve ever seen. I could spend a lifetime here just gazing at the paddies!

Not sure what the agenda is for tomorrow – after all, time does not exist in Bali… and I love it like that.

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