Culinary adventures…

I was going through my photos the other day and realized that the majority of my photos consist of food! So here’s a little food/drink diary of the trip so far…
Teriyaki chicken with rice, steamed veggies and tofu, coleslaw and a chocolate, raisin oatmeal cookie. Courtesy of JAL
Rice + chili chicken out of the back of some guy’s bike. $0.40 each
Rosalyn + passion fruit @ the buffet breakfast of Hotel Ramayana
Nasi campur (rice + whatever you select) @ Stop Mayan something. Lunch was $2.35
Bread Talk – a delicious bakery. One of my fav things there? A pastry filled with banana and chocolate and covered in cheese. $0.70 each
Roti Boy – a sweet bun filled with butter. Similar to pandesal. $0.70 each
Saffron roasted chicken @ Ku De Ta. $27
Babi guling @ Ibu Oka. $2.50
Mangasteam (sp?) – a sweet, juicy fruit. $0.20 each
Mie goreng on Geger Beach. $2.40
Hainan BBQ’d combo. Around $4
Chilling @ The Edge, Uluwatu Beach. $0.70
BBQ’d seafood dinner on the beach @ Menega Cafe
Sate Babi (Pork Sate). Around $2.25
Sate Kelinci (rabbit sate). Around $2
Tehbotol (iced tea) – Rosalyn’s fav thing in Bali. Usually around $0.30-$0.70
2 mie goreng + 1 soto ayam @ Warung Nikmat. Total $1.70
5 heinekens @ Macarroni. $14
And this post has made me hungry! Off to search for some food…
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