Quiet times

The last few days have been pretty quiet – we’ve settled into a pretty good routine. Wake up, head to the internet cafe, eat, bum around, eat, get massages, eat, watch movies and eat. On Friday we did manage to head to Legian for drinks @ Macarroni and dancing at VIP/Paddy’s. We even hit up Bali Rock Bar and a karaoke bar on Sunday – real adventurous I know. Rosalyn leaves on Saturday so there’s a high probability that we’ll be doing some more sightseeing and re-visiting some other places (aka. Babi guling in Ubud). It’s a hard life but someone’sgotta do it…

The half-time show @ Paddy’s… lol
@ Bali Rock
Busting out to “2 Become 1”
This lovely sate + rice combo is courtesy of a stall at the side of a ditch at 2am with rats running around. Yumm
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