It’s my birthday and I’ll …

Turning 24 was a bittersweet experience for me. To me, being 24 years old signifies that I’m old – I’m only 1 year away from being halfway to 50! Yikes! And yes, I know I’m being slightly irrational but still… Also, despite celebrating in paradise, I was definitely lonely for the company of a few people back home. Rol, Mike and Hieu were real sports though and made my birthday a really fun day.

We started off by driving to Gianyar for my favourite meal – babi guling @ Warung Pande. Yes, I made 3 people drive about 1-1.5 hrs to get lunch but it’s my birthday so I’m allowed to make demands like that 😉 After the requisite nap time, we headed to Mie 88 for a quick dinner before heading to my favourite spot in Bali – Hu’u bar. Seriously, the ambiance at Hu’u Bar is pretty hard to beat. Hundreds of candles + great space + great drinks + smooth jazz = 2 thumbs up from me. A few rounds later, we headed to club row for some quality dancing. After a pit-stop at Paddy’s (a must) and Bounty’s, we ended up at SkyGarden where we stayed til the wee hours of the morning.

Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes and love – I’m truly blessed to have so many amazing people in my life! xoxo

Our babi guling lunch.. yummm
Chilling @ Hu’u Bar
Mike’s fav. drink – jager bombs!
Some creepy old Aussie (who smelled strongly of B.O) @ rooftop of SkyGarden. He loved Hieu..

… so much that he started to take his clothes off for him!!! Lol, we all ran away when this started to happen
@ SkyGarden
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