I’m really, really, really excited!

So remember when I talked about how powerful informational interviews were and how I think every job hunter should use them? Well, as of tomorrow, I will be gainfully employed – all thanks to an informational interview I had a couple of weeks ago.

I had initially met with Andrea from Blitz Media and Events to talk about her experience with opening up a PR and Events agency. Our conversation was both comfortable and enlightening. I guess she liked me because she told me that she was in the market for a coordinator. The role would have both an events component (perfect!) and a social media component (which complements my experience perfectly). I sent her examples of my writing style and various social media accounts that I managed and a couple of days later, she offered me the position!

I’m really excited about this opportunity and see it as the perfect launching pad for my events career. I know I have a lot to learn and can’t wait to dive in.

Oh, and I am really, really, really excited to get a regular paycheck again. Really excited. 

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5 thoughts on “I’m really, really, really excited!

  1. Daliha says:

    Congratulations Priscilla! I’m very happy for you. Looks like your hard work paid off and this sounds like a promising role ahead of you. Keep me updated.

    PS. I tried calling you last night but your phone number is changed? I am moving back to Vancouver.

  2. You’re absolutely right. Informational interviews are the way to go for both parties. My last informational interview experience was in 2006.

    I was contacted by a woman who lived in my area (via LinkedIn) requesting an “II”. We agreed to meet at a coffee house. After under 10 minutes of conversation, I realized that we weren’t a match. She was looking to get started in her event career. I certainly understood.

    The great thing about these types of interviews is that there are no expectations… usually. However, in my case the woman was looking for more than just information. Had she had more experience it might have worked out. I needed someone stronger positioned in their career, but I was more than willing to help her, telling her everything I could. She thanked me for my time and I had a lovely conversation with a person who reminded me of me, when I was first getting into the industry. I was glad to help her, answering her questions.

    • itspchan says:

      Hey Carlo, thanks for your great comment! It’s very true that informational interviews work best if there are no expectations. I find IIs are great if you’re just starting out but as you become more established, the IIs quickly turn into ‘meet and greets’ which have more benefits such as referrals of gigs etc.

  3. […] started with Blitz Media late in 2011 and continued working with the awesome Andrea until September of this year. I learned so much from […]

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