My Foray into the Wedding Industry

I’ve been interested in the wedding industry for a long time so when an opportunity came up in September to assist a wedding coordinator, I jumped at it!

The wedding was held at the Vancouver Club and everything was absolutely gorgeous Рfrom the venue, to the flowers, to the decor, to the dress, to the bride and groom. Everyone had a great time РI mean, I was standing on the sidelines and still thought it was one of the best weddings ever.

Although I have nothing to compare this wedding to (being on the planner side), I thought it ran very smoothly. There were no major hiccups and the bride and groom were extremely happy with how their big day turned out. I think this was a testament to the planning done by the couple beforehand as well as the great execution by their wedding coordinator, Nicole.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would love to work on more weddings. Although the season is pretty much over right now, I’m looking into opportunities to become more involved once it starts getting busy again. It’s not for everyone (i.e. need lots of patience, very detail oriented, time constraints and possible bride-zillas) but I think it could be a great fit for me.

Thanks Nicole from Down the Aisle for letting me assist you РI learned a lot and had fun!

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