Vera Wang and Engage 2012

The Vancouver Club hosted its first annual bridal showcase, Engage, this past Sunday. The luxurious club was filled with brides-to-be, nervous mothers and overwhelmed grooms-to-be. The highlight of the showcase (at least for me) was the bridal fashion show produced by Blush Bridal and Blitz Media. Besides being my very 1st event since I joined the Blitz team, I was also uber excited to be thisclose to gorgeous Vera Wang dresses.

Now, my contribution to the production of the fashion show was minimal (Andrea and the Blush team did a fabulous job) but I really enjoyed watching all the planning that went into this event – especially since I’ve never experienced running a show before. I also got a taste of what it’s like to be working with a mega brand like Vera (so many rules!). The show went off without a hitch (again a testament to the great job Andrea and the Blush team did) and I’m happy to have contributed what I did.

Here are some pictures of Engage and a video segment of the fashion show featuring Vera Wang dresses and a breath-taking black Romona Kerveza wedding gown.

Vera Wang and Romona Kerveza

Ines Di Santo

Vera Wang Fall 2011 Collection

Vera Wang and Nicole Miller


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