Watch Out For These Top 6 Design Trends in 2012

The event industry is one that is constantly changing and evolving. In my opinion, a great event planner is one that is able to track all of the emerging trends, styles and tools and accurately determine what is most beneficial and useful for their clients. A good way of staying current is subscribing to industry leaders’ blogs and newsletters.

Loungeworks Furniture Rentals‘s newsletter is a great one to subscribe to because they are firmly checked into the event industry. They recently published a “Top 6 Design Trends To Watch For This Year” article that I wanted to share as I’m definitely seeing many of these trends in both the corporate events and weddings.

  1. Setting the Scene – You’ll see a shift from the use of overall themes to creating environments and vignettes throughout an event space.
  2. Colour! – Expect to see spaces filled with black or coloured furniture instead of simple, all white pieces.
  3. Precious Metals – The emergence of gold, silver, and all things glittery and luxe.
  4. Style Statements – You can expect to see less simple-line contemporary design and a move to more extreme style statements. Think mismatched patterns, bold colour palettes, and unique pieces.
  5. Center of Attention Table Décor – Simple floral centerpieces will be less popular and you’ll see a move towards more elaborate décor centerpieces that wow.
  6. Shock and Awe – Corporations are targeting a younger demographic and are taking bigger risks with things that wouldn’t necessarily be politically correct in the past. Think burlesque dancers and body painters to enhance the environment.

What do you think event profs? Are you also seeing these trends? Do you think they missed one?

(Re-produced with permission. Photos are courtesy of Loungeworks Furniture Rentals – thanks!)

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