A New Year, A New Commitment

Change Ahead

And just like that, another year has flown by. This past year, I have definitely let my blog fall by the wayside. In fact, WordPress tells me I had only written 13 posts in the entire year!

My life has changed a lot last year and I anticipate more (good) changes in the future so I’m going to commit myself to blogging more and sharing what I’ve learned thus far in my journey.

I’ll start it off with a few exciting things that happened last year…

I started with Blitz Media late in 2011 and continued working with the awesome Andrea until September of this year. I learned so much from her, including uber developing my client relations skills, and found my time at Blitz absolutely invaluable for my career.

I joined Down the Aisle as an Associate Wedding Coordinator in early 2012 and survived my first wedding season. It was long days and even longer nights but I had an absolute blast. I enjoyed every wedding immensely and can honestly say I can’t wait for this year’s season to start again.

Rajni and IMy best friend Rajni got engaged!!! She’ll be getting  married in July and you better believe that I am beyond excited (and have been ever since she told me)! It’ll be my first experience as a bridesmaid and I curious to see what it will be like on the other side of a wedding. And yes, that photo is of us from our high school graduation!

Lindsay and II visited Washington DC to see my best roomie Lindsay for a couple of weeks! We ate, we drank, we ate some more and we drank some more. I have lots of photos so hopefully I’ll be able to upload them soon!

finally made the move to Vancouver. No more long commutes – hurrah!

EventAnd, I joined Cantrav Services as their new Sales and Marketing Coordinator in October! In a nutshell, Cantrav Services does incentives, meetings and conferences and events for corporations. I had actually worked for a couple of their events previously as an on-site event support staff and was BLOWN away by their events. Mind. Blown. These were the types of events that you want to be invited to as an attendee and that you want to produce as an event planner. Even though my position isn’t directly related to event production (yet), in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve picked up so many useful tips and tools of the trade that will be absolutely invaluable to me in my events career.

Thanks for following along. My 2012 was chock full of amazing things and I can’t wait for what 2013 brings.  I wish you and yours every happiness in 2013!

– Priscilla

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2 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Commitment

  1. Theola Lu says:

    Yay!! Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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