It’s All in the Details…


One thing I learned this summer is that it’s the little details of a wedding that turn it from average to WOW! It can be as simple as adding florals, putting up pipe and drape at the ceremony or even stringing lights across the ceiling. It’s really all in the details folks.


Yes, florals are expensive but even one simple arrangement can enhance a room dramatically. Here are a few stunning altar arrangements and centerpieces from my weddings this summer:






photo 4


Another fairly expensive way to add some ‘oomph’ to a room is to use pipe and drape. They instantly soften a room and make it feel intimate, romantic and luxurious.


Want to add some elegance to your reception? Use candelabras. When they are all lit, it adds to the intimacy of a room and it’s a stunning effect!




If you’re getting married outdoors, you need to consider the seating arrangements. This summer, I saw both seats for all the guests and seats for a small number of guests (with everyone else standing in a semi-circle). One thing I want to stress – do everyone a favor and rent a mic for the ceremony! Nothing is worse than not being able to hear anything.

IMG_3164 IMG_2258


Dessert, and the wedding cake, has become such a standard part of a wedding that it can be hard to make yours stand out. My weddings this summer did a great job of putting their personal touches on it. From a giant cupcake filled with cupcakes to elegant wedding cakes adorned with bows and flowers to a candy and dessert table under a chuppah! So many options to pick from – many quite easy (and affordable) to do!



photo 1

photo 2

Other Details

Not every wedding needs to have a ‘theme’ but it is important to be consistent throughout your decor choices. This particular wedding had many accents of corks – from vases filled with them and left on the bar to name card holders on the tables.

View More:

And if you’re ever in doubt, just add lights and lots of candles! This particular wedding at Brix had us up in ladders, stringing lights across the ceiling and lighting candles down their hallway. The effect is simply breathtaking.


Tell me, what details do you think are important? Did you see anything this year that really stood out to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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