15 Events and Meetings Industry Hashtags to Follow


A great way to learn about event industry trends, connect with other event planners and collaborate on ideas is following the industry’s many Twitter hashtags. Because it can be a pain in the butt to decipher which hashtags are valuable to follow (and even what some of them are all about), here’s a quick list of the top hashtags to follow for anyone interested in the events world:

  1. #asae: Tweets for associations and members of the American Society of Association Executives. Good to follow as association events are usually larger in scope than other events.
  2. #assnchat: A weekly Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 2-3 PM EST for association professionals who discuss industry trends, technology and various strategies.
  3. #bizbash: Biz Bash is the place to go for anything events related around the world. Great place to be inspired!
  4. #CMP: CMP stands for the Certified Meeting Professional designation.
  5. #CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility that encompasses green travel and green meetings.
  6. #EIR: Stands for Engage, Inform, Retweet and is used to share tweeps who EIR!
  7. #engage365: Another weekly Twitter chat that takes place on Fridays at 1 PM EST. A community for event professionals to learn from others about using social media for events and conferences
  8. #eventprofs: The most commonly used hashtag in the industry (i.e. the most standard and basic events hashtag to follow)
  9. #gmic: Follow this Green Meetings Industry Council hashtag for tweets related to green meetings and events.
  10. #greenmeetings: Another hashtag for everything related to green meetings.
  11. #hybridevents: I wrote about hybrid events like Event Camp Vancouver and this hashtag is a great way to follow if you’re planning one or hoping to learn about how to hold one.
  12. #ises: This is the hashtag for members of the International Special Events society (think galas and welcome receptions rather than meetings and conferences).
  13. #mpi: Standing for Meeting Professionals International, this is an excellent hashtag to participate in, learn from and engage with other MPI members.
  14. #pcma: Professional Convention Management Association is perhaps the leading organization for meeting and event professionals. This hashtag is a must follow as it provides numerous networking opportunities and allows you to connect with some of the leaders in this industry.
  15. #smassn: Similar to #asae, this hashtag is specifically for smaller associations.

Am I missing one? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “15 Events and Meetings Industry Hashtags to Follow

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  4. a great list – certainly added to my hashtag list. Here’s a couple of others that I also follow:
    #eventtech #EventTip #tradeshows

  5. PhilCalfee says:

    Any ideas for event AV professionals in the meeting industry. And meeting related video production and multimedia? I’m just trying to connect with the people who does the hiring of these companies so I can interact with them and offer solutions for meeting content. Thanks!

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