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Byebye Dengue

Update: So, I was admitted into the hospital last Tuesday night and ended up spending 3 nights there. If you ever need any sort of medical attention in Bali, check out BIMC Hospital! Everybody speaks English and they take amazing care of you. My little plug aside, those 3 days were absolutely excruciatingly boring! Watching TV day and night, getting poked and prodded for countless blood tests and eating bland hospital food is not very fun at all. Although I suppose if you were to do any of those things, you should do it at BIMC but that’s besides the point. The point is, don’t get sick, and definitely don’t get dengue fever. And, check out Groomer Has It– it’s hilarious!

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Christmas in Bali

This is my first Christmas away from my family and I have to tell you it’s tough! I’ve never felt more homesick than right now. Christmas in paradise isn’t the same. For one thing, the majority of the island is Hindu-based so any signs of Christmas is purely commercial, catering to all the ex-pats. I wish I was home, opening presents with my family and Halo around our beautiful tree but there’s no sense in crying over something that can’t be changed right?
Anyways, the other day I attended a Christmas pageant at one of the local churches. It was definitely very different but I loved the enthusiasm and Christmas spirit that was present. The night consisted of 2 different Balienese cultural dances (one danced by 3 cute boys), a hip-hop dance, a dance by a bunch of little girls, a couple of choirs and a troupe of men dressed in funny wigs.
Check out a few pictures below.
Update: So I hope your Christmas was better than mine! I spent the majority of Christmas day curled up in bed with a fever, sweat chills and intense joint pain. I missed Christmas dinner but managed to stumble out of bed late at night to go to an internet cafe to skype my family (they were opening presents). It’s now day 3 and I still have intense joint pains, a fever, sweat chills, headaches, nausea, no appetite and earaches. I went to the hospital yesterday to get my blood tested for dengue fever. The test came back inconclusive so I have to go again tomorrow to get it tested again. Sucks to be me right now 😦
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