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So long, farewell

Friday was Rosalyn’s last full day in Bali so we tried to get some things crossed off her to-do list (come home tanned and visit the Rock Bar during a sunset). So, we hung out at the beach all afternoon to work on our tans. Too bad playing at the beach all afternoon meant that Rosalyn would get sun stroke in the process – it definitely put a damper on the rest of the day.

For the sunset, we headed to the Rock Bar at Ayana Hotel in Jimbaran (about 20 mins away and a $7 cab ride). This place is literally set up on a huge rock by the cliff-side. I had heard a lot of hype about this place – how it was so unique and beautiful – and I must say that the Rock Bar and Ayana Hotel lived up to its reputation and more! The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous! Infinity pools everywhere, water fountains, and an amazing view to watch the sunset! Everything was made of the highest quality and felt first class all the way. Unfortunately, the Rock Bar was full so we weren’t actually able to catch the trolley down and have a drink. Despite that, the trip was still well worth it. I’ll definitely come back before I have to go home!

We finished off Friday with soto sapi at a warung in an alleyway. Soto is very similiar to pho but sans noodles. This particular soto was filled with beef bits, tendons, cartilage and other unidentifiable meat parts. Delicious. Dinner was $0.80!! I freaking love Indo prices!!

On Saturday, we ended off Rosalyn’s Balinese adventure with a 2 hour massage at our favorite spa and the spiciest chicken (ever!) at Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk. Until the next episode Ros…

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A day of food

Rollan’s dad flew into town Wednesday night so we decided to rent a car for Thursday and make a day out of it. On the agenda were the different places we were going to eat breakfast/lunch and dinner – yes, we planned an entire day around food! The late breakfast/early lunch was a return trip to Ibu Oka in Ubud to eat their delicious babi guling. Honestly, the best pork I think I will ever eat!

To fill in the time between lunch and dinner we headed north to see Gunung Batur – one of the many volancos around Bali. We were lucky that there were barely any clouds in the sky because we got a clear view to its double caldera – truly breathtaking. Too bad the experience was slightly marred by the super obnoxious people trying to sell us junk. Also, here’s a random culture fact about this place… across the lake facing the volcano is a very unique village. Instead of burying or burning their dead, they pile the bodies underneath their ‘spirit’ tree and leave them there. Our driver Made told us that you could still see the bones from people who died decades ago! A little morbid but kinda cool at the same time.

On the way down, we stopped to try some Luwak coffee – apparently the best (and most expensive) coffee in the world. Luwak coffee is made from coffee beans that were digested by weasels then hand-picked out of their feces. Yummm. As appetizing as that sounds, the coffee is actually quite nice. A little strong but palatable.

The freaky flyer advertising for Luwak coffee

It wasn’t quite dinner time yet so we headed to Gunungkawi – an incredible temple at the bottom of a hill, surrounded by rice terraces, lush foliage and cliffside carvings! It was like being inside a Tomb Raider movie – one of the coolest temples yet! If you’re going to check out this place, bring a bottle of water with you. The climb up is not pleasant!

Finally, we headed to Naughty Nuri’s for dinner. This place is owned by an Australian couple and is famous for their BBQ’d ribs. The ribs were just as delicious as promised but I would suggest that most people share a plate instead of getting your own – I wasn’t expecting such a large portion and was getting the meat sweats trying to chow through it all!

I know it doesn’t look like much but it is huge!

The next thing we did? Sleep! Eating is exhausting…

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Quiet times

The last few days have been pretty quiet – we’ve settled into a pretty good routine. Wake up, head to the internet cafe, eat, bum around, eat, get massages, eat, watch movies and eat. On Friday we did manage to head to Legian for drinks @ Macarroni and dancing at VIP/Paddy’s. We even hit up Bali Rock Bar and a karaoke bar on Sunday – real adventurous I know. Rosalyn leaves on Saturday so there’s a high probability that we’ll be doing some more sightseeing and re-visiting some other places (aka. Babi guling in Ubud). It’s a hard life but someone’sgotta do it…

The half-time show @ Paddy’s… lol
@ Bali Rock
Busting out to “2 Become 1”
This lovely sate + rice combo is courtesy of a stall at the side of a ditch at 2am with rats running around. Yumm
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Culinary adventures…

I was going through my photos the other day and realized that the majority of my photos consist of food! So here’s a little food/drink diary of the trip so far…
Teriyaki chicken with rice, steamed veggies and tofu, coleslaw and a chocolate, raisin oatmeal cookie. Courtesy of JAL
Rice + chili chicken out of the back of some guy’s bike. $0.40 each
Rosalyn + passion fruit @ the buffet breakfast of Hotel Ramayana
Nasi campur (rice + whatever you select) @ Stop Mayan something. Lunch was $2.35
Bread Talk – a delicious bakery. One of my fav things there? A pastry filled with banana and chocolate and covered in cheese. $0.70 each
Roti Boy – a sweet bun filled with butter. Similar to pandesal. $0.70 each
Saffron roasted chicken @ Ku De Ta. $27
Babi guling @ Ibu Oka. $2.50
Mangasteam (sp?) – a sweet, juicy fruit. $0.20 each
Mie goreng on Geger Beach. $2.40
Hainan BBQ’d combo. Around $4
Chilling @ The Edge, Uluwatu Beach. $0.70
BBQ’d seafood dinner on the beach @ Menega Cafe
Sate Babi (Pork Sate). Around $2.25
Sate Kelinci (rabbit sate). Around $2
Tehbotol (iced tea) – Rosalyn’s fav thing in Bali. Usually around $0.30-$0.70
2 mie goreng + 1 soto ayam @ Warung Nikmat. Total $1.70
5 heinekens @ Macarroni. $14
And this post has made me hungry! Off to search for some food…
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Finally.. a few pics

Beautiful Geger Beach
A crowded Dreamland
Crack Shack #1 – a treehouse
The disgusting pool outside another crack shack
Learning theory during Day 1 of PADI certification
Beautiful Padang Padang Beach
Kecak Dance at the Uluwatu Temple
Eating beachside at Menega Cafe in Jimbaran – BBQ’d seafood
The most delicious sate ever… droool
At the Bedegul Floating Temple
Gitgit – The Twin Waterfalls
Sate Kelinci (Rabbit Sate)
Entrance to Pura Taman Ayun
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