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You Know You’re an Event Planner When…

I saw this infographic posted on our bulletin board at work and wanted to share it. Originally from the awesome Event Manager Blog, the original post can be found here.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Hope you enjoy it!

Event Planner Infographic


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15 Events and Meetings Industry Hashtags to Follow


A great way to learn about event industry trends, connect with other event planners and collaborate on ideas is following the industry’s many Twitter hashtags. Because it can be a pain in the butt to decipher which hashtags are valuable to follow (and even what some of them are all about), here’s a quick list of the top hashtags to follow for anyone interested in the events world:

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Event Industry Acronyms for Dummies

acronym comic

One thing I’ve quickly learned is that the Meeting and Events industry loves acronyms (and when I say love, I mean love!). In my time with Cantrav Services so far, I have been exposed to dozens and dozens of acronyms and constantly get surprised with new ones every week. I distinctly remember attending one meeting where the acronyms were flying (A this, E that) and writing down a big fat HUH? on my notepad. So, in the interest of sharing knowledge (and saving you the embarrassment of appearing clueless), I’ve compiled a list of acronyms that I’ve run into so far…

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A New Year, A New Commitment

Change Ahead

And just like that, another year has flown by. This past year, I have definitely let my blog fall by the wayside. In fact, WordPress tells me I had only written 13 posts in the entire year!

My life has changed a lot last year and I anticipate more (good) changes in the future so I’m going to commit myself to blogging more and sharing what I’ve learned thus far in my journey.

I’ll start it off with a few exciting things that happened last year…

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Here Comes the Bride…

No, I’m not getting married (don’t worry) but I do have exciting news to share! Back in December, I had written about my wedding experience assisting Nicole from Down the Aisle on a gorgeous wedding back in September. I had such a great time that I reached out to Nicole last month about the possibility of working together again for this upcoming season. One thing led to another and I’m now the new Associate Wedding Coordinator at Down the Aisle!

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